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Source: The Star

When David and Ruth McIntosh move from their Aurora townhouse to a new condo in Newmarket, they won’t have to look far to see familiar faces.

Their neighbours, Leslie and David Amborski, who teaches at Ryerson University, have also purchased a unit at The Davis Residences at Bakerfield just a floor below the McIntoshes.

The 15-storey building by the Rose Corporation marks Newmarket’s first major condo development in more than 30 years. Slated for completion in 2022, the building will be the first phase of a 4.4-acre, master-planned community that will include three condo buildings, a landscaped courtyard and new 20,000-square-foot urban park with playground.

The site formerly housed Nor Baker Inc., a family-run plastics firm founded in 1938. The company created a social committee — named Bakerfield — as a successful strategy to create peace between local workers and those who commuted to the firm. The new condo incorporates that name as a nod to the area’s history.

The Amborskis, who have lived in Aurora for over 30 years, also own a summer cottage and Florida condo. “Our current home is a three-storey town manor but with the cottage and the Florida condo, the work has become overwhelming,” says Leslie.

“The McIntoshes are good friends,” says Leslie. “When we first moved into our townhouse, there was a group of us that clicked who were in the initial empty-nest stage and starting to enjoy freedom in life. Recently, I was looking to our next step and forwarded information about different condo developments to some of our neighbours. Unbeknownst to me, Ruth and David bought a unit!”

“We didn’t discuss moving together, but we had discussed moving to a place without stairs and without so much outdoor area,” says Ruth McIntosh, an accountant. “Leslie had forwarded the information about The Davis condos and we went to check it out and bought a unit. They were out of town when we purchased — then Leslie went to have a look and they bought.”

McIntosh, a retired office administrator. “We also realized that downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean just the square footage of where you live. When we move to The Davis, we won’t have to mow the lawn, trim hedges or shovel the driveway. It will be a lock-and-walk lifestyle.”