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In Particular

In Particular

Creating Value.

Rose imbues passion into the execution of every facet of its business. Rose’s core competency is understanding and managing the relevant risks in complex situations, emphasizing capital preservation while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns:

Deep Knowledge

Oversimplified analysis and generic formulas need not apply. Rose has both breadth and depth of experience, and that means authentic, adaptive, actionable intelligence.

Risk Mitigation

Willing and able to assume direct management of investments, Rose proactively protects invested capital along with the interests of partners and investors.

Solid Background

Direct experience as a builder/developer and asset manager in a wide range of real estate asset classes gives Rose the kind of hands-on real-estate know-how not easily acquired, not grasped through outsourcing and impossible to substitute.

Experienced People

Rose has an experienced management team with proven leadership and extensive history in real estate investing. Key personnel are equipped to identify and differentiate, assess and manage risk.

Strong Relationships

Partnerships nurtured over three decades and an extensive, growing network of professionals is only the beginning. If we’re not the right fit for your needs, we’ll gladly introduce you to others which might be.

Strategic Communication

Rose listens to stakeholders and speaks their language—clearly, effectively and frankly. Everyone gets on the same page and remains on the same page.

Flexibility & Creativity

Rose engages innovative, custom-designed structures to meet the needs of each opportunity, no matter the complexity.

Strong Governance

Rose adheres to comprehensive governance and reporting standards stemming from its days as a public company.