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Photos: Our Homes Magazine

Tell us about your company: A Toronto-based real estate developer and financier, we’ve committed to preserving heritage properties since 1982. Rose is proud to be associated with the redevelopment of Toronto landmarks, including The Flat Iron Building, The Toy Factory Lofts, and The Merchandise Building. West of the GTA, Rose has restored the Elora Inn, the Ben Miller Inn and the award-winning Tannery Building in Kitchener. Rose has deeply-rooted experience in bringing interesting, highly sought after communities to life. Rose does this while preserving and respecting thecoreheritagecomponents.Rose invests heavily in the community as it restores the historical monument in the context of its modern community.

What are you working on? The King George Public School redevelopment in Newmarket will revitalize a neglected historical property and establish its iconic place in the community. The property is transforming into 11 condominium lofts within the school building, with 14 two-storey freehold townhomes in the surrounding playground. The townhome design is based on a hybrid of the neighbourhood’s Victorian and Edwardian architecture with a contemporary twist. Under the design leadership of Gianpiero Pugliese, the architects at Audax have applied a design approach they call Human Architecture, which combines the best elements of traditional architecture with a modern aesthetic. Residents will be able to walk to Main Street and live steps away from shops and boutiques, cafés, restaurants and parks.